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Are you looking for some extra cash this summer?

Be a part of The Whispering Oaks family. We are now hiring for positions such as outside maintenance, inside pro shop, inside restaurant, and bartenders. Whispering Oaks is a great place to work and is looking to grow.

If interested apply online at or in person at the course.

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For any further questions call at 701-696-1005

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2017 Spring Clean Up



Hello Whispering Oaks Customers,

It is about that time to get the golf course open for the season! We are looking at opening the course on Saturday April 15th. The weather forecast is looking great and there is just a few more things to complete before we can open for the season.

One of the largest items on our list is to get the course ready for play. With many large wind storms this winter, we have had many branches come down onto the course. We are looking for a few volunteers on Wednesday April 5th at 6:00 p.m. to assist in the clean up of some of the downed limbs. Our Superintendent, Tim Jenkins, is asking for as many people as we can get to make this as quick as possible. There is many small limbs down and with some help we can maintain our opening date and perhaps even earlier!

This will also be an opportunity to meet our new PGA Golf Professional Matt Stricker that will be taking over the day to day operations of the facility. He is relatively new to the area and would love to meet the great players of Whispering Oaks. Let’s show him where the best people in North Dakota play golf!

We are looking forward to a great 2017 season and hope to see you on Wednesday at The Oaks!

If you can make it to help please email us back at:

Thank you,

Staff of Whispering Oaks

Best Ways to Get Your Game Ready for Spring

The 2017 PGA Tour is getting underway and it will be golf season before you know it. As the pros are beginning to hit the links, you might be inspired to get a few holes in yourself. Whether you haven’t been playing much during the winter and your game is a bit rusty or you’ve made a resolution to get into the game this year, there are plenty of ways to get yourself ready to have fun on the course. These are a few tips so that everyone can improve their game and get ready for golf season.

Watch The Pros

There are few places to get a look at how the best get it done than the PGA Tour. Not only are the best in the world on display but so are their swings. Pay attention to their technique, club selections, and strategies to learn more about how the game is played. Watching more golf can lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of the sport (and help you look like you know what you’re talking about). There’s never been a better time to get into watching the game. Golf Week has declared that Tiger Woods is back and all eyes are focused to see if he can return to his former glory. Add in a new crop of young players looking to make their own mark on the tour and you’ve got an exciting season for the year ahead.

Take Some Lessons

The old adage is that practice makes perfect but that isn’t necessarily true when it comes to golf. When you’re dealing with golf, it’s actually perfect practice makes perfect. If you’re practicing with poor technique, you’re just reenforcing bad habits and not doing yourself any favors. With a good instructor, you can learn the right way to play the game and build yourself a foundation for future success. Play Your Course explains that golf lessons are more affordable and accessible today than ever before, and offer many of the same benefits of other sports. Few things can take the place of one-on-one teaching and with the right coach, you’ll be surprised by how fast your game can improve.

Get On The Range

Now that you have the basics down, it’s time to start putting them to use. One of the most important ways to start getting good at golf is to play often. All the theory and technique in the world won’t be able to help if you don’t go out and apply it. Find the local range near you, get out there, and hit some balls for a few hours a week practicing what your instructor taught you. Try practicing on the range just like you would play on a golf course to help ensure consistency in your game. After you spend some time practicing what you learned, consider going back for a second lesson to continue to improve your game.

Be Patient

Golf is a lifetime sport and it can sometimes take a lifetime before you’re truly good at it. It’s often said that in golf you’re playing against yourself, and Golf Gurls agrees that it’s not your usual competitive sport. Golf is just as much a mind game as it is a physical sport, and your attitude on the course affects your performance. Don’t let yourself become frustrated or angry just because you sliced a few into the woods. Instead, focus on what you did wrong and how you can improve. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your golf game won’t be either.